About Medpages

Medpages is the definitive source of healthcare provider contact information in Africa. Our quality database contains 391,792 actively managed records. We are the Who, What and Where of Healthcare


Established in 1996 Medpages is the largest, most accurate, most up to date and most complete healthcare database available for Africa. See stats.

We service an impressive list of subscribing clients – offering them a wide range of data subscriptions, providing excellent marketing solutions and online advertising opportunities.

Our free search is the most popular healthcare directory for Africa - it is used by the public to quickly and easily find contact details for healthcare providers.

We're trusted

Medpages acts as a trusted third party in the healthcare industry, collecting and maintaining the contact information everyone uses. Therefore we maintain a neutral position and value our integrity and independence in order to deal equitably with all stakeholders.

Healthcare providers are assured that only relevant, professional information will be collected and provided to the industry. For details please see our Privacy Policy.

Using Medpages

Healthcare industry professionals make use of the Medpages Database by subscribing to the Medpages Database; using the Pro Search; or marketing using Targeted Communications.

If you're a healthcare provider you can list yourself for free on Medpages. You will then benefit by being available to the thousands of daily searches made by industry professionals and the public for healthcare. You can also highlight your listing to stand out and attract even more attention.

If you're a member of the public you can use our search to find healthcare providers near you.

Our clients

Our high quality data is used by:

  • Healthcare professionals
  • Pharmaceutical companies
  • Medical aids and healthcare insurers
  • Managed healthcare providers
  • Technology related service providers, such as claims switches
  • Government departments
  • Healthcare advertisers
  • The public


Here's what we're working on right now: