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(Left) A Standard Listing on Medpages, with basic information.
(Right) A Highlighted Listing, with your detailed professional information, the Request An Appointment feature, your listing is promoted, and much more.

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Over 860,000 people search for healthcare providers on Medpages every month. We're the most popular healthcare directory in Africa.
Source: Google Analytics

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Generate more appointments with our Request an Appointment feature. Over 32,000 appointments were made in the last three years.

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Have a professional online presence and increase patient visits.

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Standard Listing
Highlighted Listing
Basic contact information including landline, address, etc    
Detailed contact information cell, fax, website, etc.    
Your qualifications    
Your professional fields of interest    
Map and directions    
New and existing patients can request an appointment, anytime, online    
Show a detailed professional biography    
Highlight your practice for free, and show links to your workplaces    
Your listing gets displayed before standard listings when patients search on Medpages    
You are promoted on other listings    
Get access to detailed up to date professional contact information on specialists for quick and accurate patient referrals    
Price Free R2,300 per year

Frequently Asked Questions

How does the Request an Appointment feature work?

The Request an Appointment feature is a simple lead generator. When a patient submits a request, an email will be sent to your practice for the secretary / practitioner to then call the client and schedule an appointment.

Why advertise on Medpages?

Medpages is the number one online healthcare directory and generates over 1.33 million page views each month. Most visitors to our site arrive through healthcare-related keyword searches on search engines, so advertising on Medpages will expose you to these potential patients.
Source: Google Analytics

Will my sensitive personal information be released on the Medpages directory?

No. Only basic practice contact information will be provided to the public. Email address information is not provided to the public.

How do I update my information?

Simply send your dedicated sales agent an email. Or submit an update via the Update this Record link on your listing.

What if I advertise at the end of the year?

Advertising is for a full 12 months, irrelevant of when you start advertising.

I have submitted my order form but my ad is not reflecting.

Online advertising will only reflect once payment is made.

I have advertised but do not see my highlighted listing appearing on search engines yet.

Search engines do take time to update their information and usually rely on cached pages, Your highlighted listing should reflect in search engines after a few weeks, but will reflect immediately on the Medpages site.

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